I have had an excitingly busy last couple of months. Since the last post I have had the oppurtunity to go to the islands a whole bunch. We took our pastors here from life church to the islands and got to show them what it is like out there. They had a blast and came back soaked from head to toe. We took a team from California to Bussi Island and did school outreaches. A few days ago we took a YWAM team to Nsonga Island and did a small crusade, 30 people showed up and 7 got saved! Its amazing how hungry the people on the islands are! I was able to help fix the speed boat that has not run in two years, we decided to test it by pulling a tube of course. I finished my sound closet and built shelves for it. Ignite is going awesome! We are graduating our students in just under 3 weeks. Right before we do we are taking the entire class to the islands for a mission trip. I had the opportunity to meet the first pentecostal missionaries to Uganda during our 50 years celebration of the gospel coming to Uganda.  Time is flying by! It seems like I just got here, August is fast aproaching. Thanks for all your prayers!



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