Seth the builder

I have had the opportunity to help in many areas here in Africa, from speaking, to music, to fixing everything under the sun. One of the bigger areas I have been helping with in the last few weeks is building. We had a delema on what to do for a screen once we received our new projector. Our old screen was old and tattered and would not bring out the true clarity of the new projector. Me and Brent brainstormed and designed a new screen out of 4 sheets of plywood and framing in the back. Off to work I went arguing with the wood people to get the good price, not the the “white person” price. I framed the screen and hung the entire thing. I spackled all the cracks and low spots in the board and quickly learned what African spackle is like.  It doesn’t hold to anything and when painted with a roller it just peels off. So, I got to hand paint 4 coats on a 15×8 foot screen. After making  a mounting bracket for the projector it looked great! I’m hanging the old projector in the back so the worship team and speaker can also see what is on the main screen. (truly revolutionary for Uganda). I built dividers for our new classrooms upstairs, so they can have to classes in one room to make room for all the people that have been attending. Sound has been getting better every week, I built a drum shield for the drums that dramatically reduced the stage volume helping everyone out. I even got my own wood shop for all the projects (the back corner of the church with a table saw, a couple drills and a sander). It’s been so great to be able to resource the church in really practical ways. In the midst of all this I got to experience Malaria for the first time, it lasted about 4 days and it was the sickest I have ever been. I had a quick recovery and was back at it at the end of the 4th day, thank goodness we serve a great God that heals. I spoke at the youth group here on Friday and it went great, I was given the topic divine intimacy and the group responded really well. The church here is so alive! We saw 8 people come to Christ on Sunday, and thats normal every week. It’s great to be able to be on the other side of the world and be apart of a life giving church. I am continually surprised at the amount of work there is to do over here. If me and Brent didn’t force ourselves to take Mondays off every week we would have no problem working ourselves into the ground. It really brings a new perspective to, “the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few”. I’m having a blast! I’m having the time of my life along side people having the time of theirs. The Earwickers are awesome, they continue to be an encouragement. Baby Emily is pretty cute and doing great. We got to go to Jinja with Virgina’s parents and see the source of the Nile, as well as take a quad mud trip. I even tried swimming out to an island on lake victoria. Life is awesome! Thanks for all your prayers and support, it means more than you’ll ever know. Love you guys!!!!


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