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Glory to Glory: A Book About Change

Life is full of change. In fact, change is one of the few things that is guaranteed! Young people face the most amount of change during their teenage years than they do in any other season of life. Changing bodies. Changing schools. Changing friends. Changing ideas. Changing perspectives. Changing worldviews. Changing family dynamics. As you grow up, the change doesn’t stop–jobs, marriage, children, and shifting roles from parents to grandparents. This is an ever-changing world, and we are stuck in the middle trying to figure out what to do. Thankfully, God has a purpose for change.
This book is about change. How to navigate it. How to prepare for it. How to change with it. How to change your view of change.


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A Man, a Boat, and Some Fish: Finding Your Identity so You Can Help Others Find Theirs

All Peter had to offer God was himself, an old leaky boat, and some fish. Yet God was able to take these ordinary, unimpressive ingredients and transform them into one of the most influential people in the history of the Church. I believe our identity has so often been defined by what we have to offer God, but what about what God has designed us to be? Our culture is in the midst of an identity crisis. Jesus wants to help us find our true identity so that we can help others find theirs. Peter, a fisher-of-fish, became a fisher-of-men by ignoring what his surroundings told him and listening to what God declared over his life. Who has God designed you to be? Are you walking in that design?

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