Ignite Wrap-Up (Exciting News)

Sorry for the long interval in between posts! We have been so busy wrapping up Ignite, but its over. We graduated 18 students this last Sunday and sent them out. They were so excited and so happy to be commissioned and sent out! We dedicated the whole service to them and had an awesome reception afterwards. I’m so proud of their hard work these last six months and can’t wait to see what the Lord does through them! Before they graduated we took them on a week long mission trip to Bunjako island. This was a place to put their six months of training to work. We filled each day with a conference for the local churches, door-to-door outreach and a crusade in the evening. They did awesome! We saw many come to Christ in each town we went as well as the local church encouraged and strengthened. In one town a lame man was healed and he came up and started dancing to show the use of his leg, in another town a demoniac was delivered and came to Christ! Many of them said afterwards that they wanted to drop all they were doing and move out to the Islands to become missionaries. It’s interesting, because the Islands are only a couple hours from their homes but it seems like an unreachable distance for most Ugandans.  The fact that more people want to step up and go is encouraging! I’m excited to see what God has planned for this next season! THE EXCITING NEWS: If you haven’t heard I have decided to stay for another year. I feel the Lord is calling me to this and I can save alot of money and not step out of ministry just staying through instead of coming home first. I’m super excited about this and cant wait for whats ahead. You prayers are much appreciated! And if your in a place to give just email me and I can tell you how (sokoloffseth@gmail.com) The Lord is awesome and continues to remain faithful. I am so thankful for all He has done and continues to do.


P.s. Enjoy the pictures!!!

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