Continuing to Write

I challenged myself to try to write one book per year. I know this sounds ambitious, but I do better when I have a difficult goal in front of me. I may not try to publish everything I write, but I want to try to stick to this goal. Beginning to write something new after finishing “A Man, a Boat, and Some Fish” has been an interesting task. Interesting in the sense that I feel pressure to write my next book the exact same way I wrote the last one. Diana has taught me the importance of not getting stuck in a box. She hates doing things the same way twice and I am allowing her model to influence me in this. I am starting from scratch in how I write this book. It doesn’t need to be tied to another story, nor does it need to have the same amount of chapters. I am just simply going to write and see how far I can get. I can always shape it into a followable model down the road and I am sure it will follow a similar style to the last one, but I am allowing myself to have freedom in the process. Writing is really fun! It is amazing after you finish getting thoughts out to look back and see what some of the outflow has become. I sometimes read something I wrote days before and am surprised that it fits and flows with the thoughts of today. Another fun part is that I really do feel like God is involved in writing. The same way He is involved in preaching, or teaching, He is involved in writing and is the original “Author”. 🙂 Here is to more books and learning along the way!

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