Wow! & The Biggest News Yet

Wow! This has been our tag-line for this last season. There is no Luganda (the local language) word for it, but we use it all the time.

GenAlive conference has come and gone once again! The weeks and months leading up to the conference are always a whirlwind and this year was no different. This year the theme was “Forward”, going along with the rest of Life Church’s theme for the year “Twenty-Forward”. There was much hard work put into GenAlive by all. In preparation we took our worship team on a few pre-conference tours to local churches to spark excitement and get other local churches involved and working together in unity to get Kampala and all of Uganda saved and moving “Forward”. There were over 350 young people gathered for four full days at Life Church Namasuba to worship God, fellowship, enter into the presence of God and learn from many speakers. This year we had Pastors Todd and Stephanie Lueck from British Columbia, Canada as our guest speakers and it was a huge blessing to have them here with us. There were many saved, many filled with the Holy Spirit and many more challenged to take their faith in God to a new level of obedience and dedication. It is such a privilege to be apart of what God is doing!
I pray I can continue to say this every year, but this year was the best year of our Ignite program! We had 21 dedicated students that truly desired to know the Lord more for themselves. We started the year with our wilderness trip to the islands. We added a few new pieces to the trip this year. They had to hunt their own dinner with homemade weapons, and climb a 25ft. tree while being timed. I am always amazed at the level of unity we are able to start our year with after this trip. The year was full of learning, serving, and growing together as a team. Ignite really becomes the engine behind all we do at Life Church, especially in the area of serving. We ended the year with a mission trip to the east. For 4 days the students did door-to-door outreach, evening crusades, and literally cleaned an entire village. The testimonies have been incredible. We graduated them 2 Sundays back, and are excited to see them flourish in this next season. We have now graduated over 70 students in the past 5 years!!
Easily the most exciting news of this past season is that I got engaged! While in Portland this last fall I met the love of my life Diana. Coming back to Uganda in December and saying goodbye to her was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Diana came to Uganda and visited for 2 months, and after the craziness of GenAlive I proposed. She said yes 🙂 We had to say goodbye again when she went back to the US, but it was for the last time. We are getting married on September 26th in Portland, and moving back together to Uganda on November 1st!  I cannot wait to do life as a team with Diana here in Uganda. You can read “Our Story”, and get all the wedding information at
Thank you for all your prayers and support. All that we do here is done as a team that you are apart of. God is great, and I am so thankful for you. I will be back in the US September 17th – November 1st, to get married, and visit everyone. We would love to get together with you. Send me a message, and we can set it up!

Love you so much!
– Seth

P.S. The next update will be from “us” 🙂


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