Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!


I don’t speak spanish, and neither do Ugandans, but this is still shouted at soccer games!  (Random fact)

What a season!

I’m getting better at taking time to thank God for all that He does in and around me on a daily basis, especially in the little things.  I can get very easily caught up in all that needs and the busyness, that I neglect to slow down, and look around at all that God has done with a heart of thanks.

A month ago we graduated our fourth Ignite class, both first and second year combined.  Sitting back and watching student after student testify of all that God has done in their life, and to watch the church respond with shouts and cheers, was an amazing thing to witness. I sat back simply thankful.  He is so faithful! We graduated 11 first year students, and 8 second year students. Our group of students this year was amazing. We had everyone from newly saved, to one of our church elders’ daughter.

This year felt like the best year of Ignite yet.  We had a level of unity in our class that we haven’t had in years past.  I think a big reason for this was that we started the year with a wilderness retreat.  Brent and I loaded up our students in boats, and took them out to a deserted side of an island. For one week we cleared a place for our shelter, cooked over fire wood, and took part in competitions and tasks aimed at building unity.  Everyone said it was the hardest thing they have ever done (especially Brent and I!), but it was also their highlight from the year.  I think this will become an annual thing for Ignite.  Next year is our fifth year of Ignite (where does the time go?!), and I’m excited to see all that God does.


Coming Home!

I have been doing some classes online through Portland Bible College the last few years working towards a Bachelor’s in theology.  It’s been really fun being able to be in a state of continually learning, while being able to teach the things I’ve learned to our students.  PBC requires some on-campus time in order to finish a degree through them, and because I will be transitioning into some new ministry responsibilities when I get back to Uganda in December, and this seemed to be the best time (and possibly the only) time for me to do a semester on campus. So for the next three months I will be doing 21 credits (pray for me) at Portland Bible College.  I’m kind of a special case, so they are allowing me to start a week late, and have weekends off to travel to various places to connect with churches.  It’s going to be hard, but I am excited.  I’ll be able to learn a whole bunch of new things, and be even more equipped for the things I am involved in here.

I fly into Seattle on the 27th of August, and will be in the States through the 15th of December. Because of school, I will only be traveling on the weekends, and locally (Portlandish) in the afternoons.  I plan to visit most places that I have contacts with, and would love to connect with you while I’m in your area.  Shoot me an email “contact@sethsokoloff.org“, and I’ll do whatever I can to make it happen.

While Home…

  • I’m asking for special prayer during this season.  I am stepping out of full time ministry in Uganda into college, and after four years here, will probably be experiencing a bit of reverse culture shock :).  I’ll be doing a full load at school, and traveling almost every weekend to a different place.  Sleep will be optional, and the grace of God vital! So your prayer will be my lifeline!
  • I’m asking that you also continue to partner with me financially, even though I’m not on the ground in Uganda these 3 months, I won’t be working, and still consider this a critical part of my ministry in Uganda.

I have some exciting news regarding the ministry I will be doing in Uganda and though it is not yet public knowledge, I would love to share the details with you.  I will be sending out an e-mail update (this won’t be on my blog) in a few weeks outlining these new things, and you will only get it if you are on my mailing list.  Please click here “Updates!” and sign up!

I want to thank you again for all your support and encouragement.  Everything that happens here in Uganda is because of you, and your support.  I love being able to be your hands and feet here!  Words aren’t enough to convey my thanks.  It gives me so much strength and joy knowing that people are standing with me, and believing in me.  So again thank you!!

I love you a ton,

1 thought on “Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole!

  1. THANKS,THANKS,THANKS………1Corinthians 2:9…. God is faithful brother, come december, you will look back and smile because God cnt wait to surprise you.

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