Crazy is the new busy!

Hey! What a crazy first of the year (and slightly past)! God continues to move here in Uganda. Every week that goes by, I am continually amazed at the goodness, and faithfulness of God. He truly is in control, and is building His church! I am so thankful that I get to be apart of it. I wanted to give you a quick update on all that has been going on this year. If you don’t follow me on twitter, please do to get more frequent updates (beyond these blog posts) Everything is going beyond good here. I am healthy, smiling, and having a lot of fun… sometimes to much 🙂
Youth Camp
We started off the year with our youth camp. Pastor Joel Kaylor came from Osaka, Japan to be our speaker, and did an awesome job! We had over 150 young people come this year. It was crazy as usual, like any good youth camp should be. What really stood out to me this year, was how many people got saved at camp. During an afternoon session 20 people received Christ, and were baptized immediately afterwards. There were a ton of games, and of course a food eating contest (I have some good video, but the internet is to slow to upload it… one day… one day…). We always do camp at the beginning of the year, and really sets the pace for our youth group, and church as a whole.


This year we had 2 new things come to our Ignite intern program. We introduced a 2nd year to those who have already graduated 1st year (46 already!), and started the year off with a wilderness retreat. We have been looking for a way to build unity in our classes, and work out any badittudes (bad attitudes) before we start the year. We took all 25 of our students out to a deserted part of an island, and for one week did challenges, cooked our own food, built our own shelters, and had a lot of fun. One of the challenges we did was to build our own paddles, and then use them to race 2 miles along the shore of and island, and then back again. Brent and I honestly had a hidden fear that someone would get bit by a snake, and by the grace of God we didn’t even see one! The wilderness trip succeeded in building unity in the group, and has set this up to be the best year yet!

Every year we use GenAlive (our annual youth conference) as the time, and excuse 🙂 to make changes to our stage and A/V set up. This year we completely re-designed our stage for the conference. The stage had been without change since the start of the church, and needed some “freshening up”. We decided to go with a solid color, and added 8 LED can lights, and 2 smart lights. It has made all the difference! Our conference felt like it went to another level this year. Doug and Dona Lasit from Denver, Colorado came to be our main speakers, and to help with worship. They did awesome, and coupled with our local speakers, I can honestly say it was our best GenAlive yet! One of the big things we are going to really push this year, is continuing the relationships made with other youth pastors throughout the conference, and finding new ways of working together.
IMG_0235 IMG_0286 IMG_0290 IMG_1517 IMG_1543
Thank you for all of your continued support! Everything that happens here in Uganda, is made possible by you, so thank you! The longer I am here, the more I fall in love with the people, the nation, and Life Church.  Everything we do, seems to go better than the first time, and so on. It feels like we are going from glory to glory in every area. Challenges are part of life (especially here), but the victories so far surpass everything! Thanks again for being a part of it all!
I am coming home for a visit in September, and would love to get together with you! I will be traveling around quite a bit, so the chances of me being wherever you are, are pretty high. Shoot me an email, and I can ensure that it happens.
Love you a ton!
– Seth
Seth with swords :)

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