There’s no “I” in team, but there is “Meat”

Wow. What a season! God is good all the time, all the time….. (This is your part. Doesn’t matter who’s around.) Crazy busyness, insane challenges, incredible fruit! I’m blessed beyond belief to be able to serve the Lord in Uganda. Thanks to your prayers, and support, all theses things are possible. I’m going to kinda pop-corn around a bit to get you up to speed on all the awesomeness that has taken place these last few months. Ready. Set.

Jay Smith and City Church Ventura Team
What a privilege it was to have my mentor here in Uganda serving along side us. Jay Smith brought a team of interns from The City Church – Ventura. They were anointed and literally helped us take over an island for Jesus. In a two week period we:
Went to an island.
Spoke to every person on the island about Jesus.
Held an outreach in each village.
Encouraged the churches, and believers.
Put on a High School festival with over 500 students.
Preached in the village surrounding our Life Church – Bwerenga Campus.
Watched tons of people get saved, healed, and delivered.
Had WAY to much fun!!

Thank you Jude and Becky Fouquier, and The City Church Ventura for lending us this awesome team.

Family Life Church and Westside Team/ GenAlive
GenAlive was ridiculous this year! This was our second year putting on a youth conference here at Life Church. We had 400 young people register and at least 650 attend the 3 day conference. Our theme was “First Love” (1 John 4:19). Danny Schulz and Casey Parnell were our main speakers and killed it. We had an awesome worship team made up of both the FLC and Westside team, coupled with our youth team here. Perfect unity and awesome anointing! It was so great to watch people walk out lighter, free, and on fire! People are already talking about, and planning for next year!

After the conference we took the teams to the islands, and watched an entire town respond day after day to everything we did. I haven’t seen anything like it yet. People hungry for Jesus. Just waiting for us to come, pouring out their lives and receiving Christ. The FLC/Westside team came filled up and ready to go, and go they did!

Thank you Ken Johnson and Westside, Steve Meistrell and Family Life Church, and all the others who made the teams coming possible!

Having teams come encourage us so much, and give such awesome boosts to the things we are doing. It’s really refreshing having a piece of home come here and just simply serve and encourage.

Ignite/Life Church
We have 4 weeks left of this years’ Ignite. Where did the time go?!! I am convinced that discipleship through the local church is the way! Watching the life change in our students is amazing. It’s nothing we or a program can do, only the Lord. We’re pushing on strong for the finish. The last week of Ignite, we take them to the islands for a mission trip. It’s their chance to practice all that they have learned. Be praying for us as we go July 16-20th.

Life Church is continuing to explode. We now have 1,000 people attending our Sunday services in 2 locations. We have gone to 2 services on Sunday morning, and starting to look full again. With more people comes more responsibility and more needs. We’re working hard to grow leaders and remain moldable to all God is doing. He’s building His church! I’m continually amazed and humbled that I get to be apart of it.

It’s been a team filled season and the only thing I could think of that went well with team, is the good ole’ saying, “there’s no I in team”. How true that is, but like the title says, “there is meat”. And I really like meat! Brent and Virginia continue to do all things well, and I am continually blessed working along side them! Thank you for all your prayers and support, and all around being awesome! I couldn’t do anything I’m doing without you! I love you a ton!

Till next time,

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