Swing of things?

I was going to title this post “Back in the swing of things”, but I realized that phrase can’t be used when talking about serving in Uganda. The last few months have been awesome and full of surprises. Let me first say I am continually amazed at how good and faithful God is! HE really is “that good”. And thank you to YOU for all your prayers and support, you truly make it possible to serve in Uganda. 🙂

I came back to Uganda with a huge list of projects (if you know me, you know how happy this makes me) and a fresh level of vision for a few areas I am already involved in. I am believing 2012 to be the busiest and most fruit-filled year yet. We have over 30 students on our interest  list for Ignite already, and its only December! I’m expectant, and excited. One of the fun projects I was able  to complete this last month was the installation of our new projector at church. We have been lacking in our ability to show powerpoint and pictures on Sunday mornings, and we finally got a new HD projector. Sorry for terrible picture of the great “picture”.
We had the privilege of hosting Steve Mickel from Westside church this past month. He came and was the main speaker for our Region 1 Conference on Zinga island. Steve rocked it!! He fit right in and was stinken anointed! He slept in tents and bathed behind bushes like it was second nature, obviously an experienced missionary. Struggled a bit with eating sugar cane, but we won’t hold it against him :). He was a huge blessing to the Earwickers and I, full of encouragement and wisdom. Steve you’re awesome! Thank you Steve and Westside for all that you do!! The conference went great. 70+ pastors came and left encouraged and committed to a new level of unity. It truly set the framework for what God wants to do this next year on the Islands. I’m continually blessed and challenged as I watch Brent cast vision and gather Island pastors together. 2012 is going to rock!
Last week I took a little spill on my motorcycle and broke a couple of bones in my wrist (right hand). I am having to learn one-handed life for the next couple months. I wrote this whole update one-handed! It’s a new challenge and a bit frustrating at times, but I am thankful a broken arm is all I got, and I may just become ambidextrous in the end. Perspective!!
We are busy getting ready for the Christmas season and the first of the year. Ignite, youth camp, and Life Church starting multiple services, all start in the next few months. Honestly each day, week, month, is better than last! God is good all the time, and all the time….. (This is your part). Thanks again for everything! I hope your Thanksgiving and Christmas are the best ones yet!

Love from the one-armed bandit,


1 thought on “Swing of things?

  1. Great update Seth! Been praying for you more since you crashed on your bike. Dork 🙂 Your post reminded me again of my time with you. I am so grateful that Westside and I can be a partner with you in what God is doing in Uganda. The screen looks amazing! Way brighter than it was. Miss you.

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