America and Back Again!

Wow, my trip home was awesome! Thank you to everyone who made it that way. You mean the world to me! I spent a majority of the time on the road traveling to see everyone I could in the shortest time possible. I was able to see everyone I think, if I missed you I’m going to blame that on you 🙂 I was so blessed by the willingness to hear and encouragement that met me everywhere I went. So again thank you!!!! I was able to share at churches, fix sound systems, hike mountains, meet with friends, and drink plenty of Arizona iced teas. It seemed like 6 weeks were gone in a blink of an eye and I was in Seattle ready to get on a plane again. Goodbyes are always hard, but at the same time I was so excited to get back over here and dive back into the work. My travels went great with no problems and I was able to follow the sunrise into Uganda which was pretty cool! I took a few days to get re-adjusted and then was off to the islands to teach at a pastors seminar and later that night a crusade. It’s great to be back! I have a list of projects and a whole bunch to get done before the end of the year and than it is already time for Ignite!! (I literally don’t think I live in normal time, its like super-hyper-time….. the best time) Life Church is doing great and full of Life! Brent and Virginia are awesome as ever! (They might of even gotten awesomer?) Im doing great and I’ll write a super-awesome -full-of-pictures post sometime in the near future. You rock!!!!



1 thought on “America and Back Again!

  1. Seth, it was so great to see you; your life is such a testimony to God with great power in it to overcome the enemy in so many ways!
    Continued blessings in all the He has called you to, in Jesus Name…
    Jill Wolfe

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