Ignite, GenAlive, Trip Home :)

My, my, my, the time has flown by!!! I cannot believe it is July already. It honestly feels like we just had Christmas. This last season has been the busiest yet, but also the most fruitful. Sorry for the delay in updates…… but this one will be so good it will make up for it!! So here we go, it’s broken down for easier reading 🙂


We graduate our Ignite students at the end of this month. We still have the 12 we started with and they are doing awesome! You can see huge growth in all of them and a new passion for seeking the Lord. When you set aside 6 months to spend time and learn more about the Lord, He is more than faithful to show up and do something with your life! We are encouraging them daily to finish strong with a pace that will continue long after the program is over. (I know they will) We are ending the year with a mission trip to the Islands for them just before graduation. Be praying for them, especially for the season right after the program is over, as they decide what they are going to do .


The youth group here at Life Church, Real Life Generation, is full of vision and passion. About a year ago the youth team approached the eldership to talk about a conference for the youth of Uganda. With all the problems facing the youth and church of Uganda, they felt that a conference aimed towards the youth and strengthening youth groups could truly impact the nation. After months of planning and preparation (I redid the entire audio and lighting system), on May 12th, we had the first GenAlive conference. We had over 400 youth attend and more than 40 churches represented! The Lord did a ton! We were blessed to have Doug and Donna Lasit from The Pearl Church in Denver, CO (the pastors that started the Generation Unleashed conference in Portland) to be the main speakers and lead worship. They came full of life and were anointed! We saw salvation, healing, encouragement, and over all life come out of GenAlive. After seeing the fruit and the response we have decided to make this a yearly conference here in Uganda. We are planning to have double the impact next year, and are very excited for what the Lord is doing and going to do!

 Wiring Bwerenga

Life Church has a satellite campus on Lake Victoria in a village called Bwerenga. The church has a vision to see the property the church sits on developed into a retreat area and conference center for churches and families. I have been spending some time starting to help develop and renovate the 30 year old facilities. We had a church-wide camp last month and needed power on the lake front. My team and I spent a week and wired the gazebo with 21st century wiring, lights, and sockets. It was a big project, but the results were awesome!

 Trip Home

Last, but definitely not least, I will be landing in America on August 2nd for a visit! (My first time back in almost 2 years) I am so excited! I am planning on being in the States for a little over 6 weeks. I would love to get together with you (preferably around food time 🙂 and catch up! Please shoot me an email and I will let you know when I am in your neck of the woods and we’ll set something awesome up! I hope to be traveling to California and Idaho to visit a few churches and spread the word of what the Lord is doing in Uganda. I am in need of a vehicle for these two trips, as well as some sort of transportation for my time in Bend. Let me know if you can help with this! I am planning to come back to Uganda at the end of September for another 2 years. I truly believe that the fit here is perfect for me in this season. The Lord is doing so much, and Uganda has captured my heart. That being said, a big portion of my trip will be spent fundraising for my next two years here in Uganda. I would love to come and speak at your church and sit down with your pastor, small group, mom :)! The two big things I will be fundraising for are: my monthly support (I need about $500 a month for living expenses), and transportation (a vehicle of some sort). I’m trying to plan out as much as I can ahead of time, so let me know some dates and I’ll get it on the calendar. I can’t wait to see everyone! You guys mean the world to me.

Thank you so much for you prayers, support and encouraging emails. You help make all that the Lord is doing here possible. Without you I wouldn’t be here, but with you I feel like it is a team effort and it’s possible, so thank you again! You’re awesome, know that…… Talk and SEE you soon!



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