Carrying Eggs on a Spoon

I honestly cannot believe it is already March! I am amazed by how fast time goes by. I apologize for my lack of blog posting in February. Forgive me ? 🙂

I had the opportunity to help organize and spend time with our youth group for summer camp. January is part of summer for them. (Everyday is summer in Africa, its been a warm couple months) Danny Schulz from Idaho was our camp speaker and did a great job! The youth were challenged and we are still seeing fruit from the words he spoke. I spoke in one of the break-outs and had the joy of organizing the camp games! Now….. they have never had games at camp, let alone Seth games. I was so humbled to see what a few days of preparation and a 100 bucks did for their spirits. They enjoyed themselves so much!! We played:

  • Scavenger hunt
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Soccer
  • Capture the flag
  • The surprise game 🙂 (eating contests!)
  • Relay races (carrying eggs on a spoon)
  • Wood collecting for a GIANT bonfire

Kids threw up, a few got injured, and their was a lot of laughing. We had 180 students at camp and broke them up into 6 teams with the winning team at the end of camp getting a prize. They had to work as teams, plan, and of course have fun. The youth pastor said I had now created a standard and they will always expect and have games at camp. After being at camp and seeing the momentum started I have decided to really pour into the youth group this year and help them reach a new level in their vision for “sustainable” growth. I am continually blessed with the opportunities God brings and I am excited to work with Real Life Generation this year.

After camp we launched into our 2nd year of Ignite. We have 12 students this year that are all super excited to seek and learn more about the Lord. I’m administrating the program this year and have been leading it while Brent has been in the States. It has been so amazing to see the life change that has occurred in just 2 months. When you set aside 6 months to just seek after the Lord, He responds with radical change. They have classes Tuesday through Friday from 9-1:30 and service in the afternoons. The service consists of outreach and serving around the church daily. We give each student a personal mentor to walk beside them the length of the program and most continue past the end. I am teaching personal disciplines this year and loving it. We walk through anything from prayer to exercise and personal hygiene. It’s so interesting teaching and than listening to questions pertaining to culture and having to find an answer. I’m learning just as much as they are!

We are having  a nation wide youth conference in May called GenAlive modeled after Generation Unleashed. Doug and Donna Lasit from Denver are coming to be our main speakers and we are so excited to have them. In preparation I am totally revamping our whole AV set up. Lights, sound the works! (More on this in posts to come.) We are expecting 1,000 youth to attend and be impacted, encouraged, and equipped to Go! The Lord is doing to much and I am so amazed/humbled that I get to be apart of it! Thank you so much for your encouragement and support, it means more than you know. I couldn’t do any of this without you! God bless you!

With all my heart,


1 thought on “Carrying Eggs on a Spoon

  1. Seth! It is so incredible the ways God is using you! Im so proud of you friend! Cant wait to see more updates 🙂 Prayin for ya all the time!

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