Wow…. 2011!

I cannot believe that it has been a year since I jumped on a plane and headed for Uganda! I had no expectations, just a willing and excited heart. I feel the exact same going into 2011. I have plenty of things that I have committed to and are planning on doing, but I am so excited to see what God does! I wanted to recap you on what 2010 looked like for me and what is coming for 2011.


Ignite: Right when I arrived we started preparation for out first Ignite class. We took 20 students through a 6 month discipleship program. We trained them for 6 months and finished off the year with a mission trip to the islands, where they had the opportunity to put into practice all that they learned. The church was extremely encouraged with the program and is excited for it to start again.

Life Church Audio and Visual Dept.:I have been able to resource our local church (Life Church) with my knowledge of A/V. Through building and re-doing the sound system, as well as training and equipping a team, we have been able to reach a new standard in the A/V dept. of Life Church. The message and worship can actually be heard now, as well as purchased on CD the following week 🙂

Wood Work: I messed around with wood working in high school, but I never thought I would use it again…. I was wrong. Like I said in the past, if you know even a tiny bit about something, it will be used on the mission field. I built a new screen for the projector, a mobile bookstore, shelves, dividers and even a shoe rack for Brent and Virgina. It has been really fun getting to work with limited resources and still being able to make a  quality product.

Islands: Brent and Virginia’s primary call is to build the church on the Islands of Lake Victoria. I get to help out with every aspect of that, from teaching and resourcing pastors, to evangelism and even being a boat mechanic 🙂 The Lord is doing great things in the churches of Lake Victoria!! (more to come on this)

Boats: We are surrounded with boats on Lake Victoria and they serve a big part in our ministry. The Earwickers bought a speed boat a few years back and it quickly broke down. With no one to help fix and over see the repairs it just sat there. I was able to help get it running and it was than able to be sold. I also restored the “Big Red Boat”. I fiberglassed the bottom and gave it a fresh new paint job, it should last many years to come!

Worship CD: We have a very fresh and alive spirit of worship at life church and have a desire to share it with the world. I brought over some recording equipment and we decided to record a live worship CD. It was the first one ever recorded in the nation and caused a lot of excitement in the church and community. We released “I Will Be Glad” on the 19th of December here in Uganda 🙂 (soon to be released in the States) With a great response and a God sized vision, we plan on doing one annually and increasing the quality each time!

2010 was one of the best years of my life and I cant wait for 2011. Thank you so much for all your encouragement and support through this year, without it none of this is possible. I have decided to stay at least another year and I am so excited to do so! I hadn’t originally planned on it, but I feel the Lord has opened the door for me to.

2011….. (So much to do, so little time)

We start Ignite at the end of January, we are praying for another full class of eager young people that are ready to be changed by the Lord. I will be administrating the program this year, as well as leading the outreach side of things. I am super excited to see what the Lord does.

We plan to continue running the Island ministry along side Ignite throughout the year. We now have trained individuals from last years class that helps make this possible.

We plan on recording two Cd’s this year from life church. The live worship CD in July and a solo album for one of our worship leaders earlier in the year. Along with this, we will be building a studio/music room for musicians to grow in their abilities and have a place to help get their music out.

Brent and Virgina are going to do a pastors school later this year and I hope to be very involved in all that goes into one of their schools. Everything from teaching, to boat driving!

I will continue to help resource Life Church in their A/V and worship dept. I plan on getting more involved with their youth group this year, Real Life Generation. I also plan on continuing to lead outreach past Ignite.

In choosing to do all this I am in need of monthly support for 2011. I ask that you pray about helping me with this vision for 2011. Tax deductible donations can be made through The Cause. Click here to donate. Anything truly does help, especially prayer and encouragement.

I am so blessed to be living in Uganda and to be given this opportunity. I am continually humbled and amazed at how good and faithful the Lord is. I never would have thought I would be in Uganda, but I can’t imagine being anywhere else right now. Thank you for your prayers and support! Continue to check back for future updates!


1 thought on “Wow…. 2011!

  1. Seth, we are so proud of you. Even when you were in CLC/MTC we knew your were destined to be a world-changer! And here you are doing it!

    Blessings for another great year while you advance the Kingdom!

    John and Sonja

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