The Joy of being busy

World, I’m sorry for the delay in updates. Please forgive me 🙂 I am doing awesome! I still don’t think I have stopped smiling at the simple fact that I get to serve the Lord here in Africa on a daily basis.  These last few months have been extremely busy, but exciting. Brent and I have been going out weekly to the Islands teaching Roots of Character seminars to individual churches. Were using this as a way to connect with all the churches Brent has visited in the past and to see where they are at. Were trying to visit every church by the end of December and we just crossed the halfway point! We have already started to receive Ignite applications for next year and the church is starting to buzz with excitement as we get ready for that. In between all that I have had the opportunity to try some new and different things. (Again, if you have even seen someone do something, its used on the mission field) So, the big read boat developed a few leaks over the past year and we decided that it needed a fresh new fiberglass bottom and a new paint job. After a few weeks of work, and the fun of picking fibers out of my skin, we now have a fresh new boat. The added smoothness made a noticeable difference not only in speed, but in gas mileage. We can go to the Islands faster and cheaper now. I built a mobile bookstore for the church. We needed a place to sell bibles and messages and now we have the place. The last month has been dedicated to the worship cd our church recorded. No one in the nation of Uganda has never recorded a live worship cd. There worship is one person singing over some backing tracks. Brent has a real heart to let the nation experience our worship that we are blessed with at Life Church. After months of preparation we recorded on the 5th of November. The Lord showed up in an awesome way and many were touched. I’m spending the next month getting all the tracks ready so we can launch on Christmas. I’ll keep you updated on this process. Other than that, I’m healthy and doing great. I hope you have a great thanksgiving and are doing awesome as well! If for some reason I go a long time without updating this you can always shoot me an email:  . I am usually pretty quick to responding.

Love ya!


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