The “Ssese Canoe”

The big red boat that we use here in Uganda is truly our gateway to the islands. It doesn’t get much recognition, but today i’ll give you an inside account of a trip on the big red boat recently named “biyinzika” (It is possible!). Me and Brent usually have to get down to the boat about half an hour before leaving to get everything ready. We drive into the Entebbe Sailing Club, great Fred the gate guard and make our way down to the boat. We drive the landcruiser down to the dock and unload it of all the supplies before parking it in the parking lot. The boat is than prepped: ropes organized and tied, anchors set, fuel lines attached and backup fuel stowed, battery hooked up (for a newly installed bilge pump). The boat is parked high on shore, so we have to gather some help to push the 30ft. boat into the water. Once in the water we leave the dock and make our way to our destination, which is usually anywhere from 1-3 hours away. The lake is incredibly indecisive on its conditions, it can be crystal clear one day and full of waves and rain the next, this makes for extremely fun travel.  On our last trip back from starting a church building we encountered rain and saw a water spout (water tornado) forming in the middle of the lake. Midway through the trip our 25 liter fuel tank runs out of gas and we have to refill it in the middle of the lake. During the trip we usually talk with our passengers and plan what the day will look like. The fisherman on the lake are always so surprised to see white people driving a local made boat. We wave at them and give them a big thumbs up. We arrive at our destination pretty wet from either rain, or waves splashing in, and go to minister after parking the boat. The boat can be ran up on shore and than pulled the rest of the way, or we can park it in the water with our anchors (this depends on the island). After exhausting ourselves in ministry we make the return trip, sometimes resulting in a “night time” boat ride. We park back at the sailing club, unload everything, and get home to fight for the first shower. These trips are one of my favorite things to do here! God does great things through them and each time it is something new. God continues to do great things and surprise me everyday, and I continue to learn and be reminded that with God biyinzika!

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