Jack of all trades

My grandpa always used to say that he was a Jack of all trades and a master of none. My time here in Uganda has consisted quite a bit of me being a Seth of all trades if you will. I have fixed every broken thing around the house, anything from doors to kitchen sink. I have kept the landcruiser running and the toilets flushing. I even got to try my hand at plumbing when we woke up to the whole house under 3 inches of water. I have had the opportunity to use just about every skill I have and then some in everyday life. All the time I spent driving a little faster than most in the states transfers great to downtown Kampala driving here in Uganda, even all those squats I did in highschool help a ton with the array of squatty potties. Life is going awesome and I’m having so much fun! I spoke at a church on the Islands a few weeks ago and got to watch the spirit of joy fall in a room with people I have never met and don’t even speak english, but responded (because the Joy of the Lord doesn’t need translating). Ignite is going awesome, the students are growing a ton and its so encouraging to hear their testimonies. One student has already brought 6 new believers to church and his goal is 80 by the end of the year. Virgina just had the baby so its been a little crazy around the house, but so much fun! Brent and Virgina are a constant encouragement and are always smiling. Brent’s parents are here and are great as well, I see where he got it from. We start hanging the sound panels on the walls this week and should be 100% done this weekend. I get compliments every week at the sounds quality at the church and we are only half way there, I’m excited to see what they think when it’s all done. I’m running sound school weekly and have 4 faithful students that are so eager to learn. I’m staying super busy and enjoying so much just how different this culture is.  Were off today to do “spy work” on islands we have never been to. Three days of new people and places, were taking Brent’s dad and a pastor from the Island Leadership School.  Thank You Jesus for being so awesome! Thank you all for your prayers and support, sorry for the gap between posts! I’ll put pictures up soon!

Love ya guys,


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