I am a little over one month in and still have not found the words to describe the amount of fun i am having. I have learned a ton already, including the need for a sabbath. It is so awesome to work from the early morning till late at night giving all I have and know I can crawl into Monday and rest. We started a program a couple of weeks ago called “Ignite”, it is a CLC type program, one that Uganda has never seen before. We started by taking the 20 students to a plot of land the church has on the lake called Bweranga. We held an encounter for them and got to watch lives get changed and freed in the course of a couple of days. I helped with worship and praying for students. The program has gone very smooth, I have gotten to teach a class and help lead prayer and worship. I am mentoring one of the students and I’m so excited to be able to pour into someone for a consistent 6 months. I get to be here from the start to the end of the program and help facilitate all of it. The church sound project is coming along very nice, we got some new equipment on sunday that needs installation, and hopefully i get to start the sound conditioning this week. The church is pastored by Donna Lassits parents, Bob and Sharron, and is full of life and joy. (Why the church is called LIFE church) Going to the islands this friday for a 2 day trip. On the way back from our last trip we ran out of gas on the way back and had to paddle for a good hour through the sunset to get back. Life here is going awesome, loving the food and the people. TheEarwickers are awesome and fun, and their love for Jesus is very encouraging. Jesus is awesome and continues to strengthen me in everything. Thanks for your prayers and everything!!!

P.S. I have skype now and can make video calls

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