Life in Uganda

Well I am officially two weeks in to my Ugandan adventure! I am loving it, I came with no expectations and feel that if I had any they were met and exceeded. I got to see the islands and a taste of the work I will be getting to do out there, and then I was thrown into LIFE church and got to start the massive sound project. They are doing a lot of remodeling so they ripped all the sound stuff out without our knowledge so they could start. When we showed up for worship practice we discovered there was no sound system, so my project started early. I got to spend a whole day atop a 20-year-old painters scaffolding moving the snake 1 rafter over so it would reach our new sound booth. After completing this I had to rewire all the speakers and then make a makeshift system in time for Sundays service. We made it through the service with no major flaws and I bought myself a couple extra weeks so I can do it right. In all this work at the church I have had the opportunity to meet and work with a lot of interesting people. Ivan has been my life line for finding things in Kampala. If I need something or need to know where something is I just call him up, pay his taxi fare and he will show me the world. Without his skillful navigation I would be lost trying to find my way in the maze called Kampala.

Taxi’s are the only way to get around Uganda without a car. I have become great friends with these crazy white vans. They are made to hold ten people and not go over the 50km speed limit. I have yet to find one with less than 15 people going under 80. They cram people in and then race to the next “stop”, the first person to flag them down, and than off to the next one. In Uganda I am a “mazungu”, a white person. I am the minority and always have eyes on me. All white people carry the rich stereotype. People approach me and Brent asking for money and being very bold about it. We also get a “special” price on everything. We continually have to bargain to get the fair price and not pay too much. The taxi fair from Entebbe (where we live), to Kampala (where the church is), is about 1,500 shillings (75 cents). When I get off the taxi they ask me to pay 2,000, so after arguing and the occasional Ugandan standing up for me I get the good price and am on my way.

I have been able to bless the Earwickers with my handy skills by fixing almost everything in their house that was broken and building them a very nice shoe rack (if i don’t say so myself). We have been eating the most amazing food even on the Daniel fast the church started last week. I have been able to experience fruits I never knew existed as well as an amazing nut known as a G-nut. Out of this little thing comes a sauce that is incredible and a tasty snack for the road. Josiah is extremely cute and has become my best friend here in Uganda.

Once I finish all the sound stuff at church I get to start teaching sound classes for those interested at LIFE church. I get to go out to the islands weekly and help encourage and resource past graduates from Brent’s school. We hope to get to 50 churches before I leave. I am also getting to be apart of Ignite, which is a CLC type program at the church. We go to encounter this weekend where I get to help pray for kids, and than I get to help Brent through the entire 6 month program with teaching, worship, and mentoring. God is so good and his hand is so evident everywhere I turn. In the interview process for this program while were looking over an applicants application Brent noticed that he wasn’t saved. So he asked what he was waiting for and if he wanted to accept Jesus and he did.

God is awesome! I am having a blast, going to bed with a smile (a tired one) and waking up with an even bigger one. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts, I love and miss you all.

Love, Seth

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