The first 72 hours

I kissed my mom goodbye and boarded the plane and off i was! I sat next to a very drunk man from London that reminded me exactly of Austin Powers. He was very loud and told me everything anyone would ever need to know about the night life in London and a bar he owned. After declining an invitation to go and get drunk at his bar I left the airport and was in London. I had 22 hours so I got on the tube and got off at Piccadilly circus and saw all the big famous sights including, yes big ben. When I came back from sight seeing I expected to show my ticket and passport and go back to my gate and sleep, I found out that you can only go to your gate on the day of your flight. I was than directed to go to terminal 1 because it is the only one open all night. So I found myself a lovely chair and attempted to sleep. After many failed attempts and a few hours an old Ukrainian Babooshka sat next to me. She had lived in Ukraine for 30 years and than moved to London and spoke perfect english. We talked about Ukraine and her life as well as Russian culture for 4 hours. While we were talking a man walked up and asked if he could join our conversation. He was russian and had moved to Israel because he was jewish.Time flew and we had been talking for a total of 6 hours. After telling them bye I was off to my gate and left for Entebbe. I slept a tiny bit and talked to a woman who was from Uganda but now lives in London. She taught me everything there is to know about Uganda. We landed and after clearing customs Brent met me and off we were. Me, Brent, Virginia and Josiah brought in the new year with a cup of water in there kitchen. I went to bed and woke up to help fix the broken car and pack to leave for the islands. We met pastor joash and a very excited kigozi and got on a ferry and headed for the school. When we got there we got there we went to the school and started to set up for the graduation the next day. We then got to go choose a bull for the feast and watch uganden cowboys walk the cow to the school and slaghter it in front of us. We ate some of the cow and than slept. The next morning I took my first uganden shower with a bucket and a bar of soap. The graduation was full of music and people speaking and than feasting. I got to meet tons of people and play with a lot of cute little kids as well as encourage and hear graduates future plans. We slept and than gathered up all the stuff from the school and headed back. Once we got off the ferry we went home and unloaded all the stuff and headed to LIFE church to pick up equipment for the youth camp starting that night. After unloading at the camp I drove home so Brent could take a break and did great driving a left handed stick shift on the opposite side of the road. All this to say this is only the first 72 hours I can’t wait to see what the first week holds. The people are all so nice and welcoming and Uganda is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Brent and Virginia are super nice and I already feel at home. There is a ton to do and we already have the majority of my time maped out and I don’t even feel like I’m scratching the surface of what needs to get done. I am having so much fun and God is continuing to give me joy beyond belief along with peace beyond understanding. I love and miss you all.

Until next time,


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